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Love affair : Love story of Aloo and Posto – Aloo Posto

This love story is universally sealed with love : Aloo marries Posto – Aloo Posto


Well, let me introduce myself, my name is not Aloo Posto. My name is Posto (poppy seed ). When I  started my journey thousands of years back (don’t remember exactly , but our family tree suggests that my Great Great Great grandfathers started back during Egyptian civilization) little did I know that I would be married to Aloo (Potato) in Bengal  and  Aloo Posto would be considered a match made in heaven .. also I did not know that one day, there will be a community, who will swear on Aloo Posto in their food plates (in lunch, dinner or anytime).

Yes, they have mastered the art of single-minded utilization of me. Aloo Posto with Steamed Rice and Ghee, Aloo Posto with Steamed Rice and Masur Daal (pink lentil)and so many staple diets of Bengalis where I am being used. I love these Bengali wives and women who take so much pride and passion in cooking and serving me with aloo to form Aloo Posto (OMG!! Am I so handsome  😛 ) to their families. But time is changing first and I believe very soon I will have to discover if I like man too 😛

Initially I used to be scared thinking about I will be mixed, grinded, boiled, Fried etc etc but then one of my ancestors told me the greatest satisfaction is in sacrifice. So, our generation with some quality lost, decided we will be good guys when it comes to supporting these Bengali women and I must admit they invented this Historical Bengali Recipe of Aloo Posto.

Well , I had a long journey before I came to Bengal as favorite food and still now I have several girl friends all over the world (Men will be Men you know  😀 ) .

My Sanskrita name is ” Khaskhasaphala” and according to Ayur Veda I was used in several ailments. While Opium is the latex , I stay safely inside as seeds. Further I go through several  process to be in my current useable form. I am widely used in baking cakes and breads all over the world. I am also used to make sweet dishes and puddings, I am used to make Polish Noodles or even on Mughlai Dishes as a thickening agent .

Bengalis go on to any extent to use my  grinded version in other vegetables like Cauli Flower / Onion / Bhindi etc and enjoy with steamed rice . I go so well with Rohu Fish and Bengalis relish “Rui Posto”.  In some parts of Bengal I am made into sweeter version  of ‘chutney’ with use of sugar. And when I am fried in the from of Fritters  you will eat me just like that , Yes, I am so so tasty when fried.

Bengalis make Aloo Posto sometimes little drier version and sometimes curried . I go well with cumin seeds or nigella seeds . Mustard oil is a must for Aloo Posto . Use of Turmeric powder is optional .

An Aloo Posto can brighten up the lunch table of weekends or dinner tables on weekends . During winter you can also add fresh peas or capsicum in Aloo Posto to make it little flavored .

Should I tell you how I am married to Aloo in Bengali households ?  .. OK .. I was bought from here My Ma’am likes me as this brand and then I go through a series of Rituals to marry Posto.

aloo posto
When Aloo marries Posto! Aloo Posto


Aloo Posto
All you need to marry aloo with Posto(Aloo Posto)


Potato 2 big

Poppy seeds 25 gm

Green Chilli Slit 4

Cumin seeds ½ tea spoon

Mustard Oil 3 tablespoon

Turmeric powder (Optional)  – ½ tea spoon

Salt to taste

Lets get started to make Aloo Posto:

Grind poppy seeds and green chilli into smooth paste , keep aside.

Peel and cut potatoes into small dice. Heat 2 tbsp oil , temper cumin seeds (you can use nigella seeds otherwise ) , slit green chilli . Green chillis go very well with Aloo Posto.

Add the diced potato . Add salt and turmeric (optional) . Fry for 2-3 minutes in medium flame , add ¼ cup of water , cover and cook the potatoes .

 aloo posto


Now add the poppy seeds paste into it . Since this Aloo Posto is drier version so small amount of water is used , if you want the Aloo Posto little curried , you can use water before adding the poppy seed paste .

Fry for 3-4 minutes , turn off the flame , sprinkle the rest of the mustard oil over it to give a pungency. Raw Mustard oil adds a lot of flavor to Aloo Posto . Enjoy with steamed rice :D.

aloo posto


Currently I am happily married to Aloo and we have expanded our family to Bhindi posto, Rui Posto and many more.

I understand there are many of you reading my story right now but you do not like vegeterian food. Fret not, if you like me you can make potol chingri  with me.


Hope you liked my Story about how I married Posto and become Aloo Posto. Do try me sometimes!

With Love ,
Forever yours

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