Bangalore to Ootry trip

Bangalore to Ooty trip: Three day trip(come travel with me)

It’s been more than 5 months that me and my better half have returned to Bangalore from London. Feeling exhausted from the stress, we were thinking to visit some serene place which would calm us down and get rejuvenated.

Hence we decided to travel to Ooty for 3 nights. This travelogue is detailed version of our trip from Bangalore to Ooty covering all the trip details.

Bangalore to Ooty trip takes just 8 hours (290 kms). Ooty is also known as Udhagamandalam and is a beautiful, hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu, in southern part of India. It has got hills, gardens, waterfalls, tea plantation, pine forest and last but not the least, the numerous spots of Bollywood movie shoots. Indeed a great place for nature lovers and photographers.


Though the best time to visit Ooty is March to June but we thought of choosing a time before the monsoons .

Roads are pretty good except for one or two places. Nearest Airport to Ooty is Coimbatore from where it is 88 km . The nearest Railway Station is Mettupalayam . From there Udhagamandalam ( Ooty station) is connected via Nilgiri Mountain Railway Metre Gauge train and takes around 5 hours to reach.


Day 1:

While planning our Bangalore to Ooty Trip, we decided to make it less hectic and as comfortable as possible. So we divided the trip into two parts. First we took a train from Bangalore KBS station and reached Mysore by 1pm. After having our lunch there we took a cab for Ooty.. After driving for around three more hours , through the hilly roads of Nilgiris , by evening we reached our resort.

After freshening up we decided to take rest. Our hotel was located on ELK hill and so we got an opportunity to view the illuminated mountain at night. What a lovely view it was. Couple planning to go on a romantic trip ? This one thing you should not miss. The campfire, Good view  accompanied by good music and tasty food was a time that we were longing to spend.

It was quite sunny outside in the morning  in contrast by 1  pm in the noon it was foggy. However the  mysterious unpredictable weather adds to the charm of Ooty.


Day 2

Since last evening we managed to take some rest, we woke up early. After taking breakfast in our hotel we took a cab to explore Ooty.

  • Our first destination was Madras Regimental Centre. Since tourists are not allowed here, we just took some shots from outside. From historical relevance, the Madras Regiment is one of the oldest infantry regiment of the Indian Army, originating in the 1750s. The regiment took part in numerous campaigns with both the British Indian Army and the Post-Independence Indian Army. We came to know, a few scenes from the famous Mani Ratnam movie Roja was shot here.


  • Our next destination was Coonoor a place known for tea plantation and the breathtaking Nilgiri Hills. It’s to be mentioned here if you can plan for an extended trip (with few extra days in hand), one can catch a sight of the Nilgiri Mountain Railways that runs from Mettupalayam to Ooty (remember the movie Sadma starring Kamal Hassan and Late SriDevi ji). We explored the vast tea gardens and took nice pictures dressed as Tea pluckers. The aroma of tea leaves added a little more to the scenic environment. We suggest that anyone visiting Ooty must visit Coonoor and do ensure to take few such pictures for the frames.
  • From the tea gardens we drove to Dolphin’s nose and Lamb’s rock (the other viewpoints). From Dolpin’s nose one can view the Catherine Falls. But unfortunately, due to the thick fog and low visibility, could not catch much glimpse of the otherwise scenic views. This made me sad. Our driver heard me and my husband complaining about the weather. He finally stopped the car at a point, “Madam did you hear the song Chaiya Chaiya? We are soon going to enter the tunnel where the song was shot”.  Now that song, I grew up watching and was absolutely smitten by the dance moves. That was a absolute delight crossing the tunnel!
Bangalore to Ootry trip
That’s me in the tea garden.


bangalore to Ooty trip
Tea garden in Ooty
  • After this we headed straight back to Ooty and had our lunch. From here our next destination was the Ooty Botanical garden. The center of the Garden had a  fossilized tree trunk estimated to be 20 million years old.  Beautiful Dahlias, various succulent filled up a part of the garden. Being a lover of flora and fauna, it was a heaven for me.
bangalore to ooty trip
From Botanical garden, Ooty
bangalore to Ooty trip
Dahlia Flower from the Botanical garden.


  • From the Botanical garden we went straight to Rose Garden. Here we came to know that the Rose Garden have around 200 varieties of Rose and did take some shots.


bangalore to ooty trip
Rose garden
  • From there, our next destination was the Chocolate Museum. There,we tasted yummy hot chocolates and bought some luscious handmade chocolates. We also learnt how chocolate is actually prepared from cocoa plant. You get a chance  to look at the different processes of chocolate manufacturing before the chocolate is ready to be consumed . There is a nominal entry fee (twenty rupees) but you will get to taste one spoon of hot chocolate if you wish 😀


bangalore to Ooty trip
Chocolate from Ooty


Besides Chocolates, Flora and Fauna, Ooty is also a hub for various natural essential oils. We collected a few samples of each like eucalyptus which is extremely good for cough and cold and took lavender oil too.


Our next and last destination for the day was Ooty lake and yes we did not miss the boating. We took paddle boat and wow what a feeling it was. With light cool breeze blowing. we were watching sunset and Deers. I must say it was an amazing experience.

Bangalore to ooty trip
Ooty Lake



After this we headed straight back to hotel. We were extremely tired today, so after having a quick dinner we decided to take a good sleep. I almost don’t remember when I had fallen asleep.

  • Next morning, we woke up, got ready for our next destination Pykara. Pykara is a small village with a river running through it and its situated just 19 kilometers away from Ooty. This place is also known for its beautiful waterfall. We first visited the famous Pine forest. The tall  dense trees was almost giving a chill down the spine. This has been the popular shooting spot for many Bollywood movies including Raaz.(Remember the movie by Bapasha Basu, long time back?) 
bangalore to ooty trip
Pine forest

bangalore to ooty trip


  • OOty 6th mile-The name itself suggests that 6th mile is located 6 miles away from Ooty city. It is one of the best scenic viewpoints in Ooty. Pykara is actually very near to 6th mile. This is also one of the most attractive tourist spot. It is fully surrounded by green, extensive and dense forest and a well known “Shooting spot”.

bangalore to ooty trip



From 6th Mile, our next destination was 9th mile. As the name suggests that 9th mile is located 9 miles away from ooty city.

It is one of the best scenic view in Ooty. Pykara is near to the 9th mile. This is also one of the most attractive tourist spot.It is fully surrounded by lush green mountains and dense forest. This place is known as “Shooting  medu”. Most of the tamil movies are shot here.


  • Pykara waterfall-We must mention about this waterfall that originates from the Mukurthi peak. The river goes through the curves and heights of the mountains thus producing the most beautiful and majestic sights. But one must note tourists have to walk at least a kilometer to the entrance. From the entrance one has to climb down 60-70 steps, it’s easy climbing down, it’s the climb up that’s hard. Small toddlers and kids will find it hard to walk all the way, so be prepared to lift them and walk.

This was the last destination of our Bangalore to Ooty trip. Even though we planned to visit Pykara Boat house but to our bad luck it started raining heavily and because of that we had to wrap up our plan and head straight back to Ooty, after taking some nice shots of this place.

  • We had a yummilicious lunch in a nice and cosy Italian restaurant named as “Place to Bee” The place and the chilling cold (it was raining outside) made up for a perfect luncheon.
bangalore to ooty
Place to be

Shopping tips:

Don’t forget to grab some Ooty chocolates, green tea, essential oils(eucalyptus) and some exotic spices from Ooty. We did collect few of them.


Finally we were done with our holidays. We enjoyed  our last night at the beautiful city by  sitting beside the campfire of our hotel. The next morning our cab arrived at 8am and thereafter we bid adieu to Ooty with beautiful memories and loads of  yummy chocolates to accompany us on our trip back home. “Bangalore to Ooty trip” is our first trip since we came back from UK , this will remain close to our heart.


Have a Wonderful trip: Piali Saha



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    1. We stayed in TULIPS ELK HILL RESORTS. It was an average hotel though. In one to 5 rating I will give 3.5 for the food, beautiful view, friendly staff and campfire. Consider a hilltop hotel while staying in Ooty. Its much crowded near the main market otherwise.. Sterling Ooty Elk Hill – Resorts and Hotels is a good option.

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