Birth Control contraceptives

Birth Control contraceptives: Emergency contraceptive pill is not your Regular Pill!



Birth Control contraceptives

Birth Control Contraceptives acts as a safe method of fertility control and also prevents unplanned pregnancy. Contraception compromises large part of the reproductory knowledge.

We can easily get confused between the regular Birth control contraceptives pill and emergency contraceptive pills.

Birth control contraceptives if taken properly and intake method if understood correctly prevents unplanned pregnancies.

Let’s spend some time and read to find out all about birth control pills

Emergency Contraceptive methods are used to prevent pregnancies in case of :

  • Unprotected sexual intercourse.
  • Condom Rupture.
  • When you eff up your routine intake of regular pills and
  • In cases of sexual assault

The different options available are pills, intrauterine copper devices, or higher dose of the regular contraceptive pills.

Let’s talk about the most commonly favoured method of “Morning after pills”

The two common types of Birth contraceptives available are:

Levonorgestrel tabs taken as a single dose or 2 doses 12 hours apart, effective if taken within 3 days of unprotected sex, available even without prescriptions.

Ulipristal Acetate taken as a single dose, effective if taken within 5 days of unprotected sex and available only when prescribed.

You can take this birth control contraceptives more than once if required after unplanned intercourse

IT WILL NOT protect against pregnancy if you indulge in intercourse after taking the pill.

One has to be careful if she has asthma or hepatic problems, and levonorgestrel is the only pill that can be taken safely even while breast feeding.

These pills can make you nauseous and you may feel to puke, and might delay your next period. However, these can never be your choice of regular pills because:

regular contraceptive pills are very effective and reversible methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies taken routinely also regulates the menstrual cycle and problems of irregularities, ovarian cysts. Birth control contraceptives also provides preventive care against ovarian and endometrial cancers!

But we have to remember, these pills do not help in abortion if you are already pregnant. Nor do they provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases like condoms do!

So keeping in mind all these, you can still keep birth control pills in your purses, next time you plan your holidays or go out to paint the town red!

Stay protected, stay happy!

By Dr.Ariti Sen


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