Bake your own brownies: Easy to bake Brownie recipe at your door step!

How about making your own brownies at home. Here’s is an easy brownie recipe to bake them on your own.

Brownie recipe to make this yummies on your own.

When brownies are baked ..the house smells as good as heaven . The butter , the chocolates, the vanilla put together surely makes one’s tongue salivate and if those brownies are topped with ice cream or chocolate drips they become extra delish . Personally I am a fan of fudgy brownies , cracked on top but super soft , moist yet little chewy inside . They are rich in chocolate and butter .
Whenever I go out with my little niece and we visit a Café Coffee Day both of us have only one thing in mind , The sizzling hot brownies with a scoop of ice cream. I enjoy the time with the little one and watch her enjoying the brownie treat !
And when for the first time I baked the same for her she became a fan of it . She told , the one I baked tasted better …and why not ! The things I bake for my family has got an extra ingredient in the recipe …its Love !
So lets start with our brownies recipe !! I use the recipe in grams but for your convenience I am giving the measurements both in grams and measuring cups . Use any one . Those of you who do not have a weighing scale may use the measurements in measuring cups This recipe will yield you around a 450 grams of brownies . You can increase the measurements accordingly to get desired weight of brownies.
Ingredients for Brownie Recipe :

Brownie recipe
Ingredients for Brownie recipe

All purpose Flour – 40 grams equivalent to 1/3rd cup

Corn Flour – 12 gm equivalent to 1/8th cup

Egg – 2 (Separate out the white and yolks in different bowls )

Dark Chocolate – 100 grams

Melted Butter – 100 grams equivalent to ½ cup + 1/8th cup

Brown Sugar (you may use powdered white sugar as well) – 100 grams equivalent to ½ cup +1/8th  cup + 1 Tbsp

Icing Sugar – 20 grams equivalent to 2 tbsp + 1 tsp

Vanilla Extracts – ½ tsp

Vinegar – ½ tsp

Process to make the batter for the brownies :

Brownies Recipe / Step 1 –

Melt the Butter and chocolate together and mix them well . Keep aside and let them cool to room temperature.


Brownies Recipe / Step 2 –

Brownie recipe

Take the Egg whites (single drop of yolk in it would not produce desired result , so separate the yolks and whites properly ) in a bowl , add the vinegar , whip with a hand mixer till it becomes frothy .

Now add half of the Icing sugar and whip the mixture in speed 2-3 till it becomes shiny and and foamy .

Add the rest of the Icing sugar , whip again till soft peaks are seen like below picture .

Brownie recipe


Brownies Recipe / Step 3 –

brownie Recipe

Mix the Brown sugar , Vanilla and Egg yolks as below :

Brownies Recipe /  Step 4 –

Sieve the All Purpose Flour and corn Flour together so that they are mixed well .

brownie recipe

Brownies Recipe / Step 5

Add the egg white mixture in Step 2 to the Butter-Chocolate mixture in Step 1 . Fold them together .

brownie recipe

Brownies Recipe / Step 6

Now add the Step 5 mixture in small batches to the brown sugar mixture in Step 3  . Fold them well .

Brownies Recipe / Step 7

Add the Flour mixture in Step 4 again in small batches and fold with the mixture in Step 6.

Brownies Recipe / Step 7

Preheat the Oven at 175 . In the meantime line up the baking tray with butterpaper. Apply some butter on the sides of the baking tray and sprinkle small amount of flour over it so that the brownies do not stick to the sides after baking .

Brownies Recipe / Step 8

Bake the brownies for 20 – 30 minutes , for me it took around 30 minutes but as the oven temperature varies so keep checking after 20 minutes .

Its ready . Enjoy it with dripping chocolate , ice cream or whatever you like to go with it .

Follow the brownie recipe above to get this sizzling hot brownie recipe at your home.

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