color discrimination

Color Discrimination on the basis of skin color?Let us see one layer beyond the skin.

Born dark and has been discriminated all my life! What can we collectively do to overcome color discrimination in the basis of skin color?

How many of you like Nandita Das , the dusky skinned actress of the Bollywood Movie , Earth ? She is a stunning actress but what makes her irresistible is how elegantly she carries of her skin color and is extremely vocal about expressing her opinion when it comes to color discrimination on the basis of body color.

I was born dark skinned and I grew up with apprehensions from my relatives comforting my mother “Do not worry, by the time she reaches her teens she will become beautiful”, like I wasn’t pretty because I was dark.

Whenever I go to Malls to buy a foundation , the attending lady suggests to match  it with my skin tone or to go for one tone lighter ( mostly lighter ) . But the thing that always surprises me is no one ever suggested me to go one tone darker to look great . We the Indian women even men, mostly , have a tendency to look fair . The words “ Fair and Lovely “ , “Fair and Handsome” have become complimentary to each other . In our mind “Black is beautiful on the garments but not on your skin.” Beauty products in the Indian subcontinent totally capitalizes on our craziness to be fair complexioned and fairness products goes off the racks in no time. What type of color discrimination is this?

Even in fairness cream advertisements it is shown a woman is not getting job for she does not look smart enough for her skin colour and once she starts using the fairness cream she gets the job ! I wondered , how fair is that 😀 !! I am thankful to my Employer , that they did not discriminate in that way and I am doing well in my job.


Looking back in the history the most gorgeous brave lady  Drapuadi from the epic Mahabharata was dark and named Krishnaa . Krishnaa means Dusky and as per the description found in the varies text she was breathtakingly beautiful , intelligent and logical , so when and how did this thought process change? Can we blame the changed thought process a result of commercialization of the big multinationals?


This way of thinking is however changing but very slowly and Celebs are definitely taking a leading role. Renowned fashion designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ayush Kerjriwal  and many more international designers  are showcasing dark skin models  to walk the ramp hence making their footsteps visible to make India free of color discrimination..

Here’s some post from the Instagram accounts of some celebrity designers. They stood for color discrimination in a subtle way by promoting “Black is beautiful”.

The pictures below are a part of Instagram profile of   Sabyasachi Mukherjee and  Ayush Kejriwal 


color discrimination

color discrimination

There should be no discrimination against languages people speak, skin color, or religion.  Malala Yousafzai

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world, a place where everyone is comfortable with their skin, language, body and religion?

Whether we live in India or outside, in village or in city there are the people who insult the darker people make racial comments, poke them & hurt them. We need to understand that to know the real people we need to look beyond her/his skin.


color discrimination


Absolutely loved the caption “My kind of beautiful”. Every one born in this world is beautiful in their own unique ways.

A society that is pre-dominantly built around the concept of a fair-skin girl getting married easily whereas a dark skin girl may face lot of issues to find a suitable groom. At times the society does forget that the goddess Kali and her visual images depict deep dark skin which is an embodiment of power in itself and winning of good over evil.  So to be fair skinned and not to be fair skinned should not be the yardstick (unfortunately the society at a large is still hooked up to being fair).

This video beautifully summed up the concept of dark and beautiful.

Can we ever overcome Color Discrimination as a society and look beyond our skin? I would end this article here waiting to read your comments and carry the discussion on and on till we stop judging people on the basis of their skin color.

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