5 Different kind of makeup brushes for everyday makeup.

How often we buy different kind of makeup brushes without knowing when to use them. The most common scenario is to order a bunch of different kind of makeup brushes from online stores , only to let them adorn our vanity bag. It happened to me many a times. I decided to ask my friends around and almost no one could come up with the know how of using different kind of makeup brushes. 

Internet being our best pal  every day we are bombarded with articles, videos tutoring us about how to accomplish a flawless make up, wait isn’t is time we know more about the tools that facilitates flawless makeup?

Yes, I am talking about different kind of makeup brushes. GOD, imagine the makeup world without brushes!

There are various ranges and types of brushes which can be quite confusing for starters, hence I would share the important ones for FACE MAKEUP which you need to have in your makeup box to save the day. A proper and a good brush can help you make your base look and feel like your second skin. You don’t need to be pro to use the tools but the right kind of brush can help you look flawless and beautiful.

Based on the quality of bristles, brushes are of two types: Natural and synthetic.

Brushes with natural bristles are widely used for the powder products while the synthetic bristled ones are apt for liquid products. The below said are types of brushes which are mainly used for face makeup:

  1. Foundation Brush: Long, tapered and compact- for your water/liquid/cream based foundations.
Foundation Makeup brush
Foundation Brush

2. Powder Brush: Soft, fluffy and round- for all types of powder products especially used for powder to set your base makeup.

Powder Makeup brush
Powder Brush

3. Face Contour Brush: To accentuate the cheekbones, sides of nose, jaw line and the upper forehead.

Face Contour Makeup brush
Face Contour Brush

4. Blush Brush: Powder brush used for blush with fine natural bristles with rounded head to add color to the apple of your cheeks.


Different kind of makeup brushes
Blush Blush

5.Highlighter Brush: Made of natural bristles which is relatively smaller than the blush brush for bronzer and can also be used for highlighting the highest points of your face for the extra glow.

Different kind of makeup brushes,Highlighter Make up Brush
Highlighter Brush

These 5 are the main brushes that one requires for the face makeup and you are good to go and rock the world. If you want to explore more there are wide varieties in each step of brush applications which you can add to your collection. Last but not the least; don’t forget to add a good amount of your lovely smile to your face along with makeup.

Keep doing it your way….the NAREE way!

Contributed by: Anushua Chowdhury Dalal



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