Do not overdo your Vagina!

During my duty in the Gynecology Department……

Ladies, there’s something I want to share. Yesterday, Miss Kajal(name changed) called me up complaining about irritation,itching and soreness in her vagina. She mentioned she was obsessed about maintaining her hygiene and cleaned inside her vagina with perfumed soaps and water vigorously! 😯
This is called “DOUCHING” and it is a very harmful process because our vagina cleans itself naturally, yeah, its that smart! 😉

How to take care of your vagina?

The good bacteria residing in our vagina called Lactobacilli 🐛 helps maintain ph balance, which if changed, increases the chances of infections like vaginosis or thrush.

Clear to white non offensive smelling discharge are normal phenomena, but in other cases seek out the help of an expert, as it can be easily treated.

I feel as a physician there’s much to be done in the female hygiene and health sector…so
rather than shying away; I chose to speak publicly about it in Naree.

  • Don’t use any perfumed soap, gel, pads.
    Plain water and ph balancing washes will do the work.
  • Opt for cotton undergarments.
  • Trim your pubic hair rather than shaving as it damages skin.
  • Don’t be too overzealous and don’t wash your vagina too vigorously, take care as much as needed and let your body do the rest.

Happy Va-jay-jay, Happy You! 😉
By: Dr. Ariti Sen

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