Easy Mango Smoothie Recipe

Easy Mango smoothie recipe, the summer bliss!

Scorching heat outside, sweaty bodies and tired faces…..GRRRRR NOOO.
Summers in the tropical countries is a nightmare to many, but something makes the summers bearable to the tropical two leg inhibitors. It is the summer fruits, be it Mango, Litchi or Jack fruits.
I am all set to share my easy Mango Smoothie Recipe. As I write this blog I am myself sipping this summer bliss , an annoyed husband sitting beside me as I divulge all my attention into writing the recipe.
The name says, Easy Mango smoothie recipe, it is indeed one of the easiest, fuss free smoothie recipe and takes only 5 minute of your time.
This fresh mango smoothie makes for an excellent  summer drink and comes as a rescue to the scorching heat outside.


This easy mango smoothie recipe fits all, from kids who are high up in energy to adults who wants  gluten free, processed sugar-free healthy summer coolers only.

Wait, there’s more to this drink. Mango the prime ingredient of this drink helps in preventing cancer, lower cholesterol, helps in digestion, clear skin and help in fighting heat stroke as well.
Friends, Go gear up and make this fresh mango smoothie to enjoy your summer. I promise its colorful , your kids will love it and its healthy and tasty so you will love it too. One formula that fits whole family.
Lets get started:
Mango chunks- 2 cup (you can use fresh mangoes as well as frozen ones)
Honey-1/2 tbsp
Cinnamon-1/4 tbsp
Greek Yoghurt -1cup (In case you don’t have Greek yoghurt, normal homemade ones will do).
Chia seed- 1/2tbsp
1)Place all the ingredients in a blender except chia seeds. Blend for a couple of minutes until smooth.

2)Pour in a tall glass or a mason jar. Add chia seeds as a topping. Serve with a straw.
Make your summer fun with this healthy drink!
Easy Mango smoothie recipe
By: Piali Saha
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