Fathers day 2018

Fathers day 2018: Top 5 Gifts that your dad will absolutely love.

Fathers day 2018 , all Gentleman, boys and girls it is time to pause, take a break and pamper your DAD.

Do not freak, team Naree is joining to brainstorm together with you on top gifts that you can gift your Dad this fathers day 2018.

  1. Pictures are clicked to treasure a moment. Go, dig into your family albums and pick a picture that bears proof of wonderful times that you spent together be as a child or as an adult. Frame it and gift him with a lovely handwritten note(Notes are so important. They add a personalize touch to your gifts) .
  2. As the old saying goes by “Way to a mans heart is through his stomach”, Cook his favorite dishes and serve him a grand treat. After all, he is your prince charming for the day!
  3. Your father is an early riser and is very particular about his morning tea? Serve him his morning tea in these customized mugs and watch his expression change. Start you day by spending quality time with your father over a hot cup of tea.


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4.Clothes on your mind? FabIndia will come to your rescue . Choose from FabIndia wide and varied type of Kurtas. The cotton ones are my personal favorite. They are colorful, breezy and the fabric is just so much perfect for the sweaty, hot and humid weather outside.

FabIndia mens Kurta for Fathers Day

5. Last on the list: Life has taken over and we all are superb busy, isn’t the excuse we make every time we cancel an appointment with our parents. How about reminding us of the time that our dads took a half day to take us out for dinner, skipped an important meeting to be there with us on our first day to school.

This Fathers day let us take our dads out for dinner at his favorite restaurant, a date with dad? Sounds exiting? Pink up that phone and book an appointment right now, do not delay, for NOW is the right time to do good things!


HAPPY FATHERS DAY to the fathers and fathers of the fathers!

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