Human Sexuality

Human sexuality is not all about sex, there is so much more to it!

What is  Human Sexuality??

We all know about the word ‘sex’. [A Mass Noun] mainly with reference to people and the activity associated with it, or the Gender. But how do we define human sexuality? There are plenty of good definitions of this word you may find in google, sexuality but nobody talks about it (somehow a stigma, a taboo a hush hush discussion), well so should I ask myself on whether we really understand it or not?

If you ask me, it is the sensuality, desire for yourself or for the other.

Its a feeling of your body and soul. Human Sexuality doesn’t have any relation with any activity if you want to define it. Rather it is much more than your body parts and soul. It means how we feel about our bodies, do we love it.?
We are the one who owns it not our husband or boyfriends. Or for the males their girlfriends or wives.
To put it in short, its our passion, our desire to be more open towards our needs and the love for our own self, is Sexuality.
Its the way we speak, stand, dress, laugh , includes your equation with yourselves, your gender role.
Talking about Sexuality is a taboo in India. Not only in villages but in cosmopolitan cities as well.  Standing in 21st century,  some of our friends thinks the same and some of our family members too. Does it bother you as well??
Its not the way our society wants us to be!  The word sexuality is influential. Its related to human psychology. More you open more you know about it.
Sexuality is an expression of your thinking, orientation of being yourself, your experiences, thoughts and ideas about it. Your fantasies, compassion, touch and love, an integral  part not only of our body but of your thoughts as well!
A taboo on such an important part of your personality cannot prevail, COME NAREE , let us break all shackles free!
By : Srijani S Ray

3 thoughts on “Human sexuality is not all about sex, there is so much more to it!

  1. Nicely written Srijani … completely agree sex is still a taboo …even mentioning the word sex will raise so many eyebrows… Inspite of the context that someone is talking about…. It’s not just action it’s celebrating who we are …what we want…and many more interpretation..

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