Monsoon bucket list 2018

Monsoon Bucket list 2018: All you need to kick start your monsoon!

Monsoon bucket list 2018:Monsoon is here ladies! A list of  Dos and Don’ts to stay fit healthy and look your best. 

Monsoon bucket list 2018Monsoon!! A time for the raindrops and cloud messengers… Yes, it’s a time to sit cosily at the corner of your balcony, enjoy the drizzle with a cup of Coffee and Raga Megh Malhar. The shining leaves with droplets of water, the blooming flowers, the clouds, the thunders, and all that which creates a melody and we completely surrender only to be charmed by the melody of nature.

That was the romantic side of it. But  monsoon brings with it few discomforts too. And we have to be little more careful about health and well- being during this season. So, let’s quickly check some of the do’s and don’ts to stay healthy and fit .Take a pen and paper and start taking note of your monsoon bucket list 2018.


Monsoon Hair Care

Your hair doesn’t behave properly and dandruff is your main concern? It’s important to keep the scalp and hair clean, yes you already know, but how?

A good PH balancing shampoo is in, in our bucket list. Clean hair regularly with the PH balancing shampoo. Washing your hair every alternate day or every two day is recommended.

Invest in a good brand of shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type.

Grandma tips:

For a squeaky clean scalp massage the scalp with lime juice and coconut oil, keep for 10 minutes and then shampoo off. This will help to get rid of dandruff which develops in monsoon.
Spread a thin layer of serum on your hair and dry hair with a hairdryer. Once dried, comb with a wide-toothed comb. It will help reduce breakage. Do not try to comb wet hair(your hair has higher chance of breakage when wet)
Pamper hair with a good oil massage twice a week.
And above all, if you get wet in the rains wash off your hair since rainwater is acidic in nature can damage the hair resulting in hair loss.


Monsoon Skin Care:

Next on my bucket list is drinking enough water and staying hydrated. Follow regular skin care routine of exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Sunscreen is must before you step out of your home.

Stay away from infections. Using only soap is not enough, use antibacterial soap.
Those who have to go out regularly on monsoon days, their feet are vulnerable to get infected. Clean your feet properly with warm water and mild soap/shampoo. Dry them with the towel and massage a good moisturizer.

Grandma tips:

Weekly scrubbing of the feet is so important. Take lukewarm water in a bucket. Add one or two drops of body wash. Soak your feet in for 20 minute and scrub with Pumice stone. Take your feet off. Wash them properly with Luke warm water and apply your foot cream .

If you have not used Pumice stone till date here is a little more about it: These stones are light weight hardened lava foam. They are available widely in all shops that sell cosmetics. You can also buy them online from different shopping platform. My personal favorite is this one from VEGA.

Lastly, do not wear wet shoes, let your feet breathe.


Monsoon home care:

  • Home sweet home. Monsoon leaves the most important part of us(home)  susceptible to pests and varied types of insects. Please do get a proper pest control done.


  • Do not let water to accumulate anywhere near home because that will give rise to the breeding ground for insects.


  • Keep furniture away from the wall so that they do not absorb water from the walls.
    Check the walls for any leakage and do a repainting if necessary.


  • Wear breathable, light fabric which will dry easily even if you get drenched in rain.
    Monsoon is gloomy, so jazz up your wardrobe with funky colors.


  • Carry printed colorful printed umbrella which will add color to the (sometime) depressing surrounding and protect you from the sudden down showers. My personal favorite prints are the floral print multi colored umbrellas.


  • Monsoon Food / Drink
    Monsoon gives cravings for hot crispy deep fried snacks and cups of ginger tea. Eat those only and if only made at home. During night sip some “Haldi Dudh”. “Haldi Dudh” is antioxidant and helps to detoxify the body.
  • Danger Alert: Avoid leafy vegetables as they are susceptible to germs and are breeding grounds for many insects due to the dampness of rains.
  • Say “NO” to food/drink from roadside vendors. Rather make Juicessmoothie at home to keep yourself hydrated though you may not feel thirsty.
    Indian monsoon is incomplete without “Khichdi”, truly healthy options be it with Rice or Oats or Daliya. Add a lot of vegetables, team it up with a hot omelets and improve your immunity.

Your Monsoon Bucket list 2018 is done.

A big shout out for the mommies out there. There is another article on Kids monsoon guide with a free printable for you to download and stick to your kids wall.

Enjoy your monsoon to the fullest. Eat healthy , cook well, Stay safe!

“Bheegi bheegi bheegi jaadu bhari lamhon ki ye raatein
Bheegi bheegi bheegi jaadu bhari lamhon ki ye raatein
Dekho karne lagi hoon main boondon se baatein
Boondon se baatein”


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