Monsoon Rules for kids: Free Printable.

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All the mommies, I well understand why you fear Monsoon so much(Your own monsoon buck list is fun, but kids 😛 ) . While I so much love the rain and chai and pakoras my 8 year daughter  falls sick on and off. I have started dreading monsoon nowadays!  Last year we planned a trip to the hills during Monsoon and had to cancel because my daughter “Arya” was terrible sick.

My son “Ayan” who is twelve years old and loves to eat puchka(Yeah from the outside stalls only ). I prepare puchkas at home for him sometimes and this is the response “Ma you better make chicken and mutton. You are the best cook ma , but you dont make good puchkas”. Hmmmm, as if making puchka is not cooking :P.  Okay , This is one part.

Again my Son, his socks in the monsoon will always remain wet (Due to clogged water outside my apartment) and they smell awful, ones he takes them of at home. Arya comes running with hand in her nose “Maaaaaaaaa, DADA is throwing his socks at me”

Okay the drama doesn’t end here, this time its Arya, “Why do I have to eat Chawanprash every day? No not one spoon , half please. Ma Okay , since I had chawanprash in the morning NO milk in the evening Okay?”

“Ma the umbrella is too big, bring me a three fold one” Ok, mommy get a threefold one, now “Ma , my bag becomes too heavy because of the umbrella, dont worry it will not rain today” Then they come home completely drenched!

Okay Tired of everyday drama, MOMMY me , decided to print this and paste it on the walls of My kids. My Sons friend and his mother visited us once. She saw the printout and loved it. I printed her and gifted her one to paste for her kids and then a couple of few.

Aditi, visited my house and loved it too. She was asking if she can use it for her group.

So ladies if you have the same monsoon woes as me print this(its free) and stick it to your kids wall. HAHAHA

Monsoon Kids Rules Downloadable link.

   Sweetheart, YOUR MOMMY loves you!

Would you please abide by these Rules to make your MONSOON safe, healthy and fun!


1. Change wet clothes every time you get wet.

2. Carry an Umbrella or Raincoat in your school bag for when it

3. Without my needing to remind you every time will you please
wash your hand with Soap every time you come home from school
or tuition :D. Please do not forget to towel dry your wet hands and

4. Will you please avoid eating Panipuri/phuchika/nimbupani from
the roadside uncovered roadside stalls?

5. If your socks get wet on your way to school please change them.
( Yes, it means you should have one extra pair in your bag)

6. Please do not get drenched in the rain intentionally. I know its
fun, but you will fall sick :P. If you do then come home and get a
shower with fresh water.

7. Please do not get angry when I ask you to have that glass of
warm milk or Chawanprash. It is for you to increase your immunity.

                                                                                                                       Your Dearest Mommy!


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