Multimasking with colored clay masks!

Hello girls, let’s talk about  the latest entry in the arena of skincare, Color Clay Masks by Innisfree, a South Korean brand popular worldwide.

Packed in cute, hygienic, easy to carry tubes, Innisfree has launched 7 types of these to help combat all your skin troubles according to the area of your skin concerned; all at one go.

Read below to find out the Clay Mask of your type:

Water gel type clay: spreads thin and even, dries quickly.

  1. Yellow : for Brightening with Vitamin C
  2. Blue : for Hydrating with Hyaluronic acid
  3. Pink : for Vitalizing with pomegranate seed oil

Cream type clay: soft and creamy texture

  1. Green : for soothing with cica and madecassoside
  2. Purple : for calming with panthenol

Transforming type clay: dries like a mask, washes off with bubbles like a cleanser.

  1. White : for refining with sea salts
  2. Black : for purifying with jeju volcanic mud

Priced at Rupees 700 for 70, the benefits of the product totally prove its worth!

Here’s me having some fun with the black mask on my T zone and green mask on my more sensitive skin.


Have glowing happy skin with this fun range. 😉


By: Ariti Sen


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