One drink for your summer favourite fruits!

With Apollo Helios ( I mean the ever loving Sun) at his full energy scorching the outside world, thought of sharing with everyone, my family favorite summer chiller drink.

Our dieticians have their own perceptions of what is good, while some say fruit juice is the healthiest to have others vehemently disagree and insistsĀ  fruit pulp to be included. Serve this drink to your family, friends and let them enjoy the goodness of juice and pulp together.


1 Watermelon
1 Alphonso Mango peeled , cut into cubes
6 Litchi , peeled and cut
1/2 Apple peeled , cut into cubes
A handful of Mint Leaves

Make the Ice cubes with Mint Leaves

Lets get started:
Add the watermelon in a blender , blend it and strain through a strainer . Discard the pulp(only juice). Now add the cube cut fruits and mint leaves to the juice(The wholesome fruits). Keep it in fridge for 1 hour. Let it chill . The flavors of fruits and mint leaves will get infused into the juice. Now pour them in serving glass , add the Mint Ice Cubes and Enjoy !!

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