Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is not a disease

Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is not a disease but a bunch of symptoms occurring together.
It happens to be the most common hormonal disorder in women of early reproductive age group.So PCOS presents with
Irregular periods
Abnormal body and facial hair growth
Infertility and miscarriage

It is commonly associated with Insulin resistance, which means your body needs more Insulin than normal to maintain the sugar levels.
Long term squealed include
Diabetes mellitus
Elevated Cholesterol levels
Endometrial cancer

Imaging reveals enlarged ovaries with increased number of follicular cysts.

Basically there’s a misbalance and excess androgen production in the body (hormones promoting masculinity)
So treatment is aimed at correcting the levels of the hormones.
Metformin corrects Insulin Resistance
Oral contraceptive pills correct acne, irregular  periods.
these are ONLY successful when accompanied with
Weight reduction to a BMI less than 25
Diet with low sugar, carbs a nd fat

If pregnancy is desired,
Once well controlled, one can conceive easily but it is recommended to consider an early pregnancy.

🤗 Happy ovaries, happy you!

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