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Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas: Man are you ready to handle woman successful than you?


priyanca chopra


Wow look at the number of followers!

Priyanka Chopra is a superstar, take it GUYS, bigger than ever(All the three khans) and the best thing about her is that she is self-taught and self-made. She is an achiever, like her or not but you cannot ignore her. Ever since Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas visited India together the entertainment world is moonstruck. Every move, every dinner parties, airport sightings reported.


One question everyone is asking “Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas ” are they dating?
While no official acceptance is yet made but their Public display of Affection (PDA)definitely hints something is brewing.
I hear very often people talking about “Priyanka Chopra hasn’t done it right by getting hooked to an American. She should have found someone from India ”

Firstly “Why are we judging? Are we walking on her shoes?”


The Big Fat Question is: ” Man, are you willing and ready to marry women who scaled heights higher than you? “

Are you willing to marry a woman who earns more than you and probably will never have time to cook for you or make your bed or serve you bed tea? Will you take breaks and stay home for your kids because your wife is travelling and won’t be able to make it tonight? More importantly, will you let yourself be shadowed by your wife. The world will know you as her husband and will you proudly flaunt that?¬†

priyanka chopra
Gender equality in today’s days reached a lot of voice and people are indeed talking about it. But the reality is are we doing our own part to achieve equality?


A mother will proudly claim “My daughter drives Like a man. She is an expert behind the wheels!”
How often will a mother say proudly “My son is a great cook? He looks like a woman!”
A daughters mother often feels happy, satisfied and safe if her daughter is married to a man who earns well, own a house and a car even if the girls has yet to achieve something. The opposite is not true.


Our language lacks gender equality. When a woman is pregnant the blessing is “Putravati bhaba!” What’s wrong with having a girl child?
Once she is married “Sada suhagan raha(Die before your husband dies)”, Why? everyone wants to live.
Sati ( a term to glorify a woman who lives only for her husband). I haven’t come across any word that that glorifies a man for loving only one woman.
These are only a few to name. I remember my grandma telling that she had an aunt who was a Doctor(Yeah in the eighties). She never got married because no man wanted to marry her(Really ???)Her only fault was she had a dream a profession a voice and opinion of her own. My grandmother was equally good and wanted to follow in the footsteps of her aunt and wanted to be a doctor. Her father was afraid that she like her aunt wouldn’t find a groom. So he married her instead to a doctor(What kind of logic is that? I will not let you study medicine but I will marry you to a doctor :O).
Today we have definitely come a long way and moved miles when it came to Gender equality but we still have a long long way to go, we are not even near to achieving it.
The reason that I started with Priyanka Chopra is that she has achieved paramount success. Any man she marries has to respect her work and make a considerable sacrifice for the marriage to work and probably starting an article that talks about Gender equality are easier when we have an example to sight.


The question is not whether “Priyanka Chopra will marry Nick Joans or not?” The big fat question is “Man, are you getting ready to handle and make necessary sacrifice or amendments for your successful spouse or sacrifice and adjustments are only words meant for women?”


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5 thoughts on “Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas: Man are you ready to handle woman successful than you?

  1. Beautifully summed up. Actually its a societal failure. We are still a patriarchal society and that maybe one of the reason that a successful woman is being always scrutinized

  2. Most of the world is Patriarchal ! Why blame India alone ?!
    But , the pertinent question is of gender equality !
    We definitely have miles to go! Not only men but women also need to change their mindset.
    In this debate , one thing should not be forgotten – our biological differences which make us different .
    It should not be that trying to achieve equality , we overshoot the mark and stop doing things that we are best at . No point denying our maternal instinct , our softer skills and inter personal skills , our capacity of unconditional love .
    History is witness – when we rebel , if not done properly can swing the pendulum to another extreme and create a reign of terror!
    Do not mistake me ! I am a self – opinionated , strong willed woman but do not believe in over doing things !
    Marriage is a matter of choice and practicality and love and understanding ! There are many so – called mismatched marriages ! Why the brouhaha over this ? Why no voices were raised at the findings of Thomson Reuters foundation report of a few days ago – about India being the most unsafe Country ??

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