proud single mom

She is a badass proud single MOM.

Proud Single mom


Priyanka Kar – a  brave woman with a dream, vision and passion for life- A proud single mom.

She got married when she was 22 to the person she loved. Very soon after their marriage the person she loved turned into a completely different person. His parents never approved of their wedding because he was from UP and she was Bengali. Her husband along with his family tortured her mentally. Very slowly those verbal abuses turned into physical ones. She was pursuing an MBA at that time. She was suffering from mental trauma and finally, she had to stop going to college stopping her education half way.
She had a ray of hope when her son was born in March 2013. She forgot all her sorrows basking in the glory of motherhood and started living for her son.


story of a single mom
They say life is not life if you do not have waves and the waves hit her hard as one night her husband did not return home. That was the longest night followed by one of the worst days in her life. Her husband never ever returned again. He passed away.
As Priyanka says “the worst days I went through were after his death…my in-laws never accepted me as I was Bengali and they were from UP..”

She was in her early twenties single mother to a boy and left completely penniless. All her husband’s savings went to his family. She felt sad, upset, angry. She thought what was wrong with her destiny? Public sympathy started pouring in. She realised she had to be strong for her son for herself and one thing for sure she would not accept sympathy. Instead of sitting and crying she gathered herself and filed a case in the civil court against her in-laws. After all the harassment and needless to say, the trauma she went through, she won the case.

Priyanka says “My husband had left me with none of his savings and every single penny was sent to his family but I filed a civil suit in the court of law and finally won it “

She decided it was time she takes up a job and starts working so that she can afford a good life for herself and her son. After several rejections, she finally made it and got a job of her choice. She moved her son with her parents so that she can leave her son with her mother.

” But I was never dependent upon my parents even when I went through those tough days n today finally I’m a working professional. I put up separate from my parents as my job location is too far from where my parents put up” – Priyanka

Today she is a proud single mother to her son bringing him up with values of love, respect, courage and empathy. Her life revolves around her parents and son. On weekends she is mostly seen spending time with her son and family and occasionally partying with her friends and sister.

“I visit my parents n son every weekend and I’m m proud that today I’m capable of looking after both my parents and my son. I am a single mom and I am proud of it ” – A proud single mom

She has accepted her life and moved on teaching us that complaining and breaking down is never an option, moving on breaking the glass ceiling is.
As Priyanka says: “I really want everyone whoever goes through my story should realize how a woman like me and many others stand brave even through worst situation…”

Team Naree salute’s her!
Cheers to all brave Woman.

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