True Love Story

True Love Story (A true Short story based on teenager love)

Feeling lazy to grab a book? Cant fall asleep without a short read? How about reading a love story online for a quick read before you doze off to sleep? This is a true love story  and is based on real life circumstances.

Let us dive into the world of reading true love story… One two three start:

True Love story

Sixteen-year-old Neema is just done with her board exam. She is loving all the free time and catching up with the latest episode of Stranger Things in Netflix absolutely ignoring her Ma who is always nagging her to spend some time in the kitchen.
Rayan lives two houses next to her. Though neighbors they only crossed paths with a cordial smile. Rayan and Neema were in the same class but went to different school. The only time Neema spoke with Rayan was when his father passed away.
In the 9th grade, both Neema and Rayan started going to the same private tutor for English lessons. A friendship started brewing in. Rayan was the local hero. Boyishly handsome, topping his class and leading all extracurricular activities, all teen girls fantasized him, a prestigious trophy all girls wanted to win.
Neema often teased Rayan “So, now who is your next?”. Neema, pretty old fashioned when it comes to love affair. She thought to date only to marry. Thoroughly one man women Neema despised flirting, one night and multi timing. She liked Rayan, but in her mind, she disapproves of Rayan’s coquet ways and at times disapproves of how he treats his lady loves. Rayan often told Neema stories of his recent love encounters, Neema listened quietly and sometimes shrugged her shoulder in disagreement, often wondering these girls, all of them know that he is a flirt, but why they still almost cling to him dying for his attention.
Ting Tong Ting Tong: Neema glued to her laptop, annoyed with the disturbance that the doorbell caused walked unwillingly to open the door. It’s Rayan. “What are you doing at my house? “, Rayan hardly visited her at home. “I was just getting bored after the boards so thought of catching up. You seem to be annoyed!” Neema ashamed at her expression cleared her thought and said “NOOOOO, I am pleasantly surprised, do come in and have a seat. Want some coffee?” Rayan, “No, I just had my breakfast”. There was an awkward silence until Neema asked ” So, how’s exam? Must be great?” There has always been some healthy academic competition between the two, though none of them ever mentions it. “I am watching Stranger Things, would you like to join?” They both watched a few episodes together, the next day, the following day and every day till all the series got over and they started watching Black Mirror and the next series.
Very soon vacation ended and this time both joined the same school, same private tutor. They were together all time. They set friendship goals for others. Rayan’s quest for girls went to the next level and he started having multiple affairs, one of his many, was one of Neema’s friend. Neema instantly warned her friend and went on to tell Rayan it’s not good and not to play around with her friend. Rayan was blunt and to the face,” I did not go for her, she came willingly and she is giving me everything unasked am I a fool not to take?” This angered Neema and she stopped talking to him.
Rayan at first didn’t pay heed and thought like other girls Neema would be okay in no time. But three days passed by and Neema was still not talking. Rayan started to miss her, ” Why are you fighting with me for someone else? Did I do anything to you?”. Neema “What will you do to me? I am not one of your mistresses, now go and don’t create a scene in the corridor”. Later in the class, Rayan started sending notes through his classmates. “Sorry, I will spare your friends” till Neema finally gave in “Rayan you are too much. Now I know how you manage to get all those girls to hanker around you all time.”
This incident changed the equation of the two. Rayan was always sitting next to her in the class and both would walk home together after class. On the days they bunked school to stay at home preparing for exams they spent a considerable amount of time hooked to their phones. One such day, during a very casual conversation Rayan tells Neema”I love you”. Neema, “Laughed and Laughed Rayan NOOO not me, Don’t count me amongst one of your mistresses. Tell me you are kidding”
Rayan “No, I am serious and I promise that I won’t tell anyone about our relationship till you want to go public. Please consider”
Neema hanged up, she couldn’t believe her ears. This cannot be true. He must be kidding. The next day they were together again in the school. She intentionally did not bring up the topic and the day went on very normal. Neema thought what a relief, he was only joking. On their way home Rayan was “Hey I love you and I am serious do consider.” Neema “Rayan, stop kidding. This is practically impossible. Look we are neighbor so let’s not get in any relationship. It will bring bad breath if it doesn’t work. We are doing great as friends”. The Next day and the Next day Rayan kept repeating the same but only the intensity increased till one day Neema gave in and said: “Fine then it’s a YES.”
The relationship was kept a secret and Rayan was allowed to go around with girls as he always had, the only condition was he was not allowed to sleep with them and he should always tell Neema the truth. The strange alliance worked perfectly fine for months and School days were getting over. Neema thought it was the right time to let the world know that they are together, to set relationship goals again, to build a story that people would refer to as true love story.
Problems sparked in the heaven and Rayan refused to go public saying he was yet not ready to commit. Hell broke loose and Neema lost her sleep. She was head over heels in love with Rayan. Her old-fashioned upbringing started moral policing her for getting physical with a guy who will not marry her. She hated every moment they kissed, they touched, held each others mouth. The best memories of her life soon started to become her worst nightmares. She could not let him go, no, no way. “My true love story is not true? Did he not love me then? Was he faking?” Neema thought and thought.
She called him to say that she loves him only to find his phone busy or waiting. She lost all concentration to him, could not study, could not eat, all she could think was of Rayan, of all the time they spent together. She thought of their first kiss, wet lips, so passionate, could he fake that?

Exam time was approaching and she was still grief-stricken trying hard to concentrate. All the integration and differentiation seemed harder than they ever have been. The notes remind her of the time they spent together noting them, there were memories of him all around her.
Neema was the only daughter of her parents. She knew SHE was all her parents had and she had to move on in life not for her but for them. Every time she thought of her parents she regained her strength and bounced back to study. She was in a fight with her self one part trying to pull her down, asking her to quit, the other urging her to stay strong to fight back reminding her that she was born not to die grieving for a man but to shine bright and serve the world for a greater cause and purpose.
Months later High school results were declared. Neema came out with flying colors making her parents proud. She relocated to the capital city (Delhi) to study economics and never looked back.
Years later they meet again in the same street, Rayan smiled and Neema returned back. In her mind, she thanked Rayan for making her emerge strong and powerful.

 “All she ever wanted was for you to truly love her
And for you to make her a priority in your life.
But with you, there was always something you gave a higher priority than her.
All the conversations that she tried to have, but you refused to hear. All those evenings that she wanted to spend by you but you were too busy.
Everything is gone. And now, and now there is not a minute you can get her off your mind.
Put aside your ego for once and think, what if you had changed yourself and learned to actually be a Man!
Now she lost a Good Man only if he had learned to be when he had her and he lost a Good Woman.” By Mishmita Deb


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