what woman want

What woman want man to know!

“As woman one thing I would like man to know——————-“

Did you already start thinking what is it that you would like man to know?

17 woman answered this when asked in a closed woman group. Here’s what they want  man to know:

    1. Gender is not important to do any job.
    2. I have my brains and hence I get to decide my stuff.
    3. Don’t think that your mother is always right 🤔🤔and your wife is always wrong 😬😬.
    4. My only weakness is my love for you 😋
    5. Being nice, soft and kind to your girl (or to any girl for that matter) does not completely make you just to the fairer sect.Learn to realise, if we can give birth we are capable of further hardships than you can think of.
    6. I am independent and will always be😊
    7. That a woman is all powerful and can do ANYTHING as the situation demands.So never underestimate  her power 😊
      She is an embodiment of Goddess of power 😊
      Calm she might be…but if the situations demand she can be devastating as well.
    8. That how lucky they are to have us..
    9. That we also like it/want it/ feel the urge for it 😉😉
    10. Just because sum one is a housewife does not imply dat person is jobless.
    11. That adult women don’t need a guardian. I think this criteria should be removed. 

  1. That we love the way we are ❤️
  2. That you and your future generation was and would be born out of women.
  3. That I am an embodiment of Maha Shakti and cannot be abused or treated as a plaything , to be discarded once satiated !
  4. To get respect, love and trust he must learn to give it first. Never take your wife for granted!
  5. .Tasty recipes & a superb cleaning can be done keeping KITCHEN non messy, road accidents can be prevented without using MC BC.
  6. The last comment is illustrated through this awesome picture…

what woman want

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